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Sydney Opera House Architect Jørn Oberg Utzon

Embassy Court Brighton Architect Wells Coates

Maxxi Art Museum Rome. Architect Zaha Hadid

Royal Festival Hall South Bank London. Architect Robert Matthew

i360 Brighton Architects Marks Barfield

West Pier Brighton Architect Eugenius Birch

Royal Sussex Hospital Brighton being demolished. Architect Charles Barry, who was the Architect of the Houses of Parliament London

Demolition of American Express Brighton

London Bridge and Tower Bridge

London black cab

Rainy Brighton

Brighton in the rain

Titus Arch Rome, constructed in AD. 82 by the Emperor Domitian

Montpelier Brighton

Sussex Sq Brighton Architects Charles Busby and Amon Henry Wilds and constructed by Thomas Cubitt.

Rear view of Adelaide Crescent Brighton

Rear view of Adelaide Crescent Brighton

Embassy Court Brighton Architect Wells Coates

Hove beach huts, Kingsway Brighton

Chesham Street Brighton

Sydney and Pearl Beach Australia

Palace Pier Brighton. Designed by Richard St George Moore

Polo Regatta Hotel Saint Petersburg Russia. Typical Stalinist architecture

Finland Station Saint Petersburg Russia, designed by Swedish architects and opened in 1870. The station formerly contained a special pavilion for Russian royalty.

Singer House Saint Petersburg Russia. Architect Pavel Suzor, built for the Russian branch of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.

Moscow State University Russia, one of Stalin's Seven Sister's buildings . Architect Lev Rudnev