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  House Portraits, Commissions and History

Drawing and painting have always been a passion of mine but quietly simmering away on a back burner till much later in life. After a trip to Los Angeles in the 90s and an inspirational stay with the painter Jean De Paul, my transformation and flourishment to real artist began. Growing my hair till it reached my shoulders being the first step, then enrolling on to a mural painting course in Brighton. (Hair pic, far left second row)

Around this time I joined Hospital Arts as part of a musical artistic collective, painting and entertaining around Brighton’s Residential homes and Hospitals. With free studio space it wasn’t long before we went international, securing through the BBCs That’s Life programme a mural painting trip to Russia for the Komso Children’s Hospital in Saint Petersburg.
(I was the chief cloud painter). Currently alongside my painting and illustration jobs I do artist advocacy work for Carousel, a Brighton based charity who support and promote learning disabled artists.

If you would like more information about purchasing prints, acquiring rights to use any of the images on this website, or have any enquiries about commissions, please contact me.


                07723 340591